Will It Fit Me?

"I have been asked this question a million times, and believe it or not, it’s a problem solving method for me."

If I have personally styled you, then you will most likely get a yes or no answer from me!  I always try my hardest to recommend and provide the best advice with every piece of clothing as it pertains to fit, style, and wear.  If I have not styled you, please rest assured that this question can never get old.  I don’t mind answering that dreaded question.

If you are browsing through my consignment collection, and you see something you love but unsure of the fit, here is what I recommend to you:

Research the Brand:  

For example, I find there are some brands that run small in sizes.  For example, the brand Cache, does run small and I recommend going a size up always.  Majority of the brands will have a sizing chart on their website to guide you in making sure your purchase is the perfect fit.  This is great for future purchases as you will be conditioned into understanding the brand sizing better!

Check the Material/Fabric:

This is a big one, as some fabrics have more give and stretch than others.  For example, if the item is made out of polyester with no blend whatsoever, it is highly likely that it will not have any stretch to it.  Fabric that contains a spandex blend will have stretch and most likely have that little bit of extra room you are needing!

With these recommendations, you should have the confidence and research you need to make a successful purchase  with StyleMe. Due to the nature of consignment, there are no returns.  So, I want to make sure you are conte nt with your purchase by providing these great tools.

Happy Shopping Beautiful!